Minoga Palace became an architecturalpearl of Krakow’s region. Its current shape was designed by Filip Pokutyński in 1859. Crossing the main entrance of the Palace you will enter the main hall, where numbers of exhibitions of young as well as already appreciated Krakow’s artists often take place. The main part of the Palace consists of four chambers connected by a net of corridors, where even the most careful guests may lose their ways. During the warm summer days, the east terrace leads to the romantic park, where 350-year-old larch rivets the guests’ attention. The history of the Palace’s Cellars dates back to XVI century, and they became the basis for the reconstruction of the Palace. Nowadays they are perfectly restored and they host excellent parties and inspire dance parties. The atmosphere is enriched by a reconstructed bread fire oven and a well from the 16th century. Up to this day girl’s look into the depths of the well hoping to see the face of their loved one. Going up the Palace’s stairs we reach the upper storey. Over the stairs we can admire an iron chandelier made of the old parts of Palace chains. The chandelier accompanies us from the very top of the stairs. On the first floor there is an attic offering expanse and freedom for creative works. The Tower has a 2-floor apartment consisting of 3 chambers, a kitchen, and the highest, dark Tower Chamber. To enter this chamber we need to climb up the stairs which are next to the 5-meter-high bookcase. At night, through the small doors to Tower Chamber, small goblins visit the Palace. Good goblins live in the Tower Attic - the most inaccessible place for people.