1257 The reference of the Minoga village (parallel to city of Krakow location act)
1653 Complex mentioned for the first time on the occasion of robbery 
1842 Cyprian Kamil Norwid was a guest of Minoga Palace as per invitation of Wladyslaw Wężyk well known poet and writer
1859 projection of development, the court was rebuild into palace (neo-renaissance style) by Philip Pokutyński on behalf of Theophilus Wężyk
1939 adjustment of the access road,

during the occupation owner's family lives in the village helping refuges, hiding activists and injured soldiers as well as the Jewish population and young people

1945 assets acquired by the communist government, beginning of the complex devastation
  1977-1989 complex was acquired by theMetallurgical Company and Metallurgical Plant in Nowa Huta as recreational area. In 1989 last tenants leave the buildings, the ultimate devastation and plunder all the goods that thieves managed to get out of the palace became a fact
2002 purchase of the Palace and Park Complex in Minoga by Mrs Jolanta and Mr Zbigniew Pełka and its restoration
2010 purchase of the Palace and Park Complex in Minoga by Suder plus Sp. z o.o and its modernisation